We take our application and screening process very seriously. We will decline anyone we feel will not be able to contribute to the guild, and anyone we feel is not a good personality match. This process is to save your time as much as ours; so please keep that in mind when filling out your application. Be complete, be thorough, take your time.

We will contact you within a week of receiving your application, and fill you in on your approval status. If your application is accepted you will begin a three week trial period. During this time <Amicitia> members will post any feedback or opinions they have on you and your time spent with our guild. It will be this feedback that determines your final membership status.


Character Name:*
Please name the spec and provide a talent breakdown. Example: Fire 0/41/0.
Main Spec:*

Secondary or "Dual" Spec:
(You can leave this blank if you're from hyjal. We'll just assume.)
Please provide us an estimate of your latency in-game on an average day.
Character Reference:
If you know someone in our guild who can attest to your attitude and ability, please enter their name.
Real Life Age:*
Do you turn with your keyboard?*
Do you click abilities?*
Do you have an authenticator on your account?*
Are you willing to farm materials for the guild?*
Do you have a microphone, and will you use it?*
Do you have ventrilo?*
Do you have mumble?*
Are you ok with being on standby for a raid?*
Will you actively participate in our community?*
This includes vent, shoutbox, and the forums.
Can you take a joke?*
If a joke is made at your expense. Is this something you can handle?
Would you consider yourself level-headed?*
Is loot important to you?*
What would you consider yourself?*
Main Status:*
In general would you consider this character your main? Do you raid on other characters in other guilds?
Describe your play schedule for us as best you can. Times when you are free, times when you are busy. Holidays you'll be around for and holidays you'll miss for family or travel. Additionally, please give us an estimate of your hours spent in-game in a given week. Please give all times with respect to server time (PST).
Why are you leaving your current guild?:*
Please explain to us the situation that is causing you to leave your current guild. If you're not currently in a guild please tell us about the last guild you left.
Previous Guilds:*
Please list the guilds you have been a part of in the past. If you don't remember them all that's ok, just list as many as you can. Separate guild names with comas. Example: Ninja Guild, Terrible Guild, Amazing Guild, etc.
Past Raid Experience:*
Tell us about your raid experience up to this point! What content have you seen in your time? Please include your most recent experience first.
Raid Mods:*
Please list for us the mods you use for raiding on this character. Alternatively, you can just give us a link to a screenshot of your raid ui.
System Specs:*
Please list the specs of your computer. You will want to include important information about your video card, RAM, Processor, etc. Please also include how many FPS you average, peak at and dip to in a graphics-intensive raid situation.
Please give us a way to reach you about your application. This can be an e-mail, an IM name, or maybe some alts you play often.
Additional Information:
Tell us anything else you think we should know. Maybe reasons you were attracted to our guild, questions you might have still. In general use this space to provide anything else you feel is relevant to your application to our guild.
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Reminder: skilled players of any class will still be considered, regardless of current class openings.