Code of Conduct

We understand that as a guild on hyjal our reputation will be what defines us. No matter what we accomplish, our reputation will remain. As such we feel it is necessary to outline to the community our stance on many issues that arise simply from human interaction in this game. Below are our ground rules, and we expect all members to abide by them.
  • Common courtesy is expected from all members of <Amicitia>. You should be able to interact with the community of hyjal and your guild in a way that is respectful and collected. While levels humor are acceptable, understand that not everyone sees things the same as you, and that restraint should be paramount when playing amongst new people. Remember that you are a representative and an ambassador of <Amicitia>, and your attitude reflects on our community.
  • Exercise restraint and understanding in any loot situation. Take care to not be greedy or spiteful; loot is not the most important thing in this game. As a result of this expectation, ninja looting, playing the loot system, fits of rage, and spiteful acts regarding loot will not be tolerated. Any incidents of these situations will be dealt with as swiftly as possible. We are here to play this game with people we enjoy being around, and we will not have that soiled by loot whores of any caliber.
  • When raiding in any group, especially ours, your actions should never intentionally impede or halt progress. This is not acceptable under any circumstances. Additionally, you should never do anything that might negatively effect the morale of the team. Morale affects will, will affects focus, focus affects progress, and so on. Keeping a positive raid attitude is everyone's responsibility.
  • When leaving a group or going AFK, you should give at least 10 minutes advanced warning when possible. If you find that you do need to leave or AFK suddenly, have the courtesy to take two seconds to tell your group why. In addition, going AFK for long periods of time should be avoided. If you suspect that you will be gone for any period longer than five minutes, you should step out of the group and find a replacement if possible.
  • When communicating on vent or mumble, do not shout, or raise your voice to an unnecessary volume. Do not interrupt someone when they are talking, particularly officers. Voice chat should be present to enhance communication, not hinder it. In addition to this, while a certain level of social chatter during the raid is acceptable, it should all stop for any boss fight or strategic encounter. Communication during these periods should be related to the encounter at hand. As long as these simple rules are followed, voice chat should remain an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Members of <Amicitia> are expected to give their guild mates priority, no alt run, in-game event, pvp group, or other raid group should ever take precedent over your scheduled guild runs. People are waiting and depending on you. Respect that, and try your best to be there when you are called upon. In general you shouldn't be online doing something else during the designated raid time (this includes time spent on invites).
    • We understand that sometimes you simply don't have time to raid, or you'll be afk quite often. In these circumstances you should, out of respect, make it clear to your fellow guild mates why you won't be around and/or are doing something else. This prevents rumors from stirring about you, as well as any related drama to you "avoiding the raid"
  • When you make a mistake in a raid situation or otherwise, own up to it. When someone else makes a mistake, understand that we're all human and that these things happen. Even more importantly, don't chastise someone for owning up for their mistake. They are trying to set things right, and they shouldn't be punished for that. Additionally, if you make a mistake and own up to it, take whatever steps you can to avoid it happening again. There's always room for improvement!
  • Do not fill out applications to other guilds while you are a member of <Amicitia>. If you must leave or consider leaving our community, do not use us and our resources to prepare you for your new community. If you want to apply to other guilds, you should leave ours first. If you are found applying to other guilds while a member of <Amicitia> you will be removed.
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